DronLab UAVs offer a cost effective alternative for the inspection of buildings and engineering infrastructure. Capable of reaching places that are expensive, difficult, dangerous or impossible to access with manned inspection teams, drones offer the perfect solution for quality data collection and risk reduction.

DronLab operates a range of UAVs built specifically for inspection purposes. Our in-house design team will configure our drones to suit your specific requirements, utilising a range of sensors including 4k video, 24 MP cameras, infrared thermal, low light and LiDAR. Our HD live video link and camera control allow on site personnel to give instruction and even take control of the camera to aim, zoom and capture specific images.

Heavy industry inspections
Industrial thermal inspections
Listed building inspections
Asset inspections

Past DronLab UAV inspections include:

  • Roofs – Church’s, homes and large inner city buildings
  • Buildings -chimneys, brickwork, flashing and masonry
  • Infrastructure – wind farms, bridges, power lines and pipelines
  • Thermal – identifying insulation faults and illegal activity
  • Internal – limited access inspection